8 Reasons Why Vitamix is Such an Expensive Brand of Blenders

Vitamix is one of the most popular home appliances available on the current market due to very good reasons.

It gives you professional-grade performance while still being easy enough to use every day in your kitchen, and you get versatility with it that you’re not able to get in other blenders.

Even though you can do everything from making delicious smoothies, chopped vegetables, and hot soups, is Vitamix really worth the hefty price tag attached to each product?

So why is Vitamix so expensive?

The Vitamix is well worth the price tag due to the product’s versatility, motor power, quality blades, less noise pollution when it runs, self-sealing features, speed control, accessories, and more.

Even though it’s common to see $500 price tags, the sheer options you get with this blender make it well worth it, and it’ll work for years without a problem.

We’re going to dig into why these blenders are so expensive, what they can do for you, and whether or not they justify the price tag below.


Versatility is where the Vitamix brand really stands out from the competition because it comes with a host of features and functions.

You can create a huge range of recipes with one machine, and it allows you to mix, chop, and blend, but you can also attach the food processor attachment and slice.

To give you a general idea of what you can create with Vitamix, look at the following list:

  • Almond butter
  • Almond milk
  • Blended meat for meatballs
  • Chopped vegetables
  • Crushed ice
  • Grind coffee
  • Hummus
  • Ice cream
  • Juices
  • Salsa
  • Sauces
  • Smoothies

Note that this isn’t anywhere near a full list of what you can make using your Vitamix, and you can also use it as a chopper, blender, mixer, or food processor without a problem.

Also, you can make hot soup by adding your ingredients and switching it on for seven minutes. The blades will blend, chop, and mix everything while heating it so it’s ready to go as soon as you shut it off.

Powerful Motor

One of the biggest drawbacks of most blenders is the motor because they’re usually prone to overheating and small when you use them for more than a few minutes at a time.

Vitamix’s motor is one of the biggest attractions because it is a two-horsepower motor. This makes the motor durable, efficient, and long-lasting.

This blender also comes with a thermal cooling system included in the design that prevents the motor from overheating.

Heat in any mechanical design isn’t a good thing because it’ll eventually wear down the gears and different parts. It can also cause the motor to overheat and short circuit the entire unit.

In Vitaminx’s instance, the thermal protection on this blender will keep it cool while running the blender at top speed.

This protects the inner workings, and you can easily run the blender for up to 10 minutes without stopping to cool it down. So, this can extend how long your Vitamix lasts.

Self-Cleaning Function

Any blender is fun to make delicious recipes, but cleaning it can be a massive pain and project to undertake.

If you were to mix cookie dough in your blender, can you imagine how nightmare-inducing it would be to get the leftover dough out the sides and under the blades. Also, you risk cutting yourself as you clean it.

The Vitamix has no such issues because it’ll clean itself after you use it. All you’ll have to do is add a few drops of dish soap and warm water and turn the blender on for 30 seconds. Some models even come with a cleaning mode built in to make it easier.

Vitamix also offers you a blade scraper with every purchase that helps you pull any stuck debris out from under the blades so you keep your fingers away.

High-Quality Blades

Vitamix’s blades come made out of aircraft-grade stainless steel, and this makes the blades on this blender durable, tough, and it’ll ensure that they won’t dull.

They stay sharp without any help from you, and they are strong and sharp enough to slice through the coarsest vegetables and fruits like turnips, cabbage, carrots, and onions.

The blades get laser cut to create a thickness that allows your blender to take on some of the hardest foods and cut through them with ease.

Besides vegetables, Vitamix’s blades can also grind coffee beans, crush ice, create nut butter, and take on dense recipes that you would normally need another appliance for.

Speed Control

This blender is well-known for having a variable speed control, and you can cycle through 10 speeds that allow you to mix, chop, and blend.

This is an important feature when it comes to refining the texture of your ingredients, and the smoother the texture gets as you increase the speed.

The highest levels allow you to make butter, smoothies, juice, and hummus, and the lower levels are great if you want to grind coffee.

The lower you have the speed on your blender, the more coarse the chop or blend will be. Being able to control the outcome and texture of your food is important when you cook, especially for professional-grade kitchens or restaurants.


The Vitamix comes with a self-detect feature that autocorrects when need be. For example, you have a couple of container sizes that you can use with this machine.

When you change the containers out, the base will adjust by itself to ensure that the unit will balance and blend correctly, and it does the same thing depending on your recipe’s weight.

Many blenders are also top-heavy, and depending on the size and weight of the container and the speed at which you’re blending, there is a very real possibility that the whole thing can overturn and end up on the floor. This can result in a mess or broken components.

You can also auto-set the timer on the Vitamix for those busy days where you’re trying to multitask. You can run it at high volume for 10 minutes and make soup in seven without a problem. The timer will switch it off after the allotted time passes without any input for you.


There are several accessories that come with this blender when you buy it.

Keep in mind that there are different models you can purchase and each one comes with different accessories you can choose from, but the basic accessories that come with every model include:

  • Base
  • Blade scraper
  • CD with a Hot-to guide and recipes
  • Container
  • Cookbook
  • Lid with a measuring cup attachment
  • Tamper


The warranty also makes the Vitamix blender much more expensive than other models because you get a seven-year warranty with each purchase.

The average Vitamix blender will run flawlessly for 10 years, and many people report that the lifespan can stretch up to 15 years with proper care. However, the warranty will protect you for a minimum of seven years if something goes wrong.

Bottom Line

Vitamix blenders are so expensive due to the sheer quality that goes into the different components of the machine.

We believe that the versatility, quality, accessories, warranty, and features that come packed into each blender make it relatively easy to justify the higher upfront cost.

So, try out the Vitamix and see how it changes your cooking routine.

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