Where to Put an Air Purifier

Where to Put an Air Purifier – Do’s and Don’ts

An air purifier is a great addition to any home if you’re looking for something to help reduce the humidity in your air and help you breathe better.

Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t realize how important proper placement is with these units.

They either jam it into a corner or shove it behind a couch, switch it on, and hope that it’ll work at full capacity.

Where to Put Air Purifier

Generally speaking, you’ll put your air purifier in the center of the room, lift it up from the floor to help it catch smoke, don’t block the air circulation, maintain the filters and sensors regularly, and use booster fans or multiple purifiers for larger areas. Also, you want to keep it on at lower speeds 24 hours a day with the windows closed.

If you have no idea where to put your air purifier, we’re going to outline this process for you. This way, you’ll be able to find the perfect space for it to ensure that it works to maximum levels without putting any extra strain on the internal components.

Which Room is Best for Your Air Purifier

If you have an air purifier that is mobile and you can bring it with you, we suggest moving it to whatever room you’re in.

For example, you could have it in the kitchen in the morning when you prepare food and move it to the living room at night when you want to relax, unwind, and watch television.

You can move it to the bedroom later when you’re ready to go to bed. This is the advantage of a mobile machine, and it’s easy to bring from room to room.

If the air purifier is too large or bulky to move easily, you’ll put it in whichever room has the highest amount of pollutants.

If the highest pollution in the home is coming from the kitchen due to cooking spells or the occasional burned dish, the air purifier can help clean these unpleasant things out.

If your main problem is pet dander and dust, the best location for your air purifier is in the living room.

If you have deep concerns about your indoor air quality when you sleep, it’s a good idea to put the air purifier in the bedroom because it’s common to spend six to eight hours asleep every night.

Considerations to Keep in Mind When You Place Your Air Purifier

You need to consider several things when you’re trying to decide where to put your air purifier, but the main thing is to keep it as close to the pollution source as possible. We’ve outlined other important considerations below.

Near the Odor Source

This is a very useful tidbit of advice because if you situate the air purifier close to the odor, it can stop the odor from spreading to the rest of your home as it will get contained right at the source. Some air purifiers come equipped with a HEPA filtration system with charcoal filters to trap and lock odors to ensure that you never smell them. They can be more expensive, but they’re worth it.

Room Size

There are two common mistakes people make when they consider the room size for their air purifiers.

They either put a too-powerful unit into a too-small room and burn money by running it for nothing, or they put a smaller air purifier into a bigger room, and it can’t cover all of the areas.

If you make this mistake, you will get air that can’t get filtered enough, and this means that your air purifier will be doing basically nothing for you.

Big air purifiers in a small room will cause it to filter already filtered air to burn your money, and weak air purifiers in a big room will not filter the air often enough and allow the pollutant to stay in the room.

You want to always read the recommended room size for the purifier when you buy it and try to keep it as close to the recommended room size as possible. Slightly too large or too small is acceptable.

Out of Corners and Tight Spaces

Almost all air purifiers will work better when you put them in spaces where they get free airflow from each side because this position allows the air purifier to pull air from all directions to work more thoroughly.

If you put it in a tight spot or corner, it could be too weak to pull the air from one corner of the room to the other.

So, the air purifier can accidentally leave polluted air in one corner of the room. However, you can get air purifiers that mount directly to the wall, and if you don’t have the floor space available for a standard unit, you could look at one of these models instead.

Not Below or Behind Furniture

Any air purifier needs good airflow to work correctly, and they work best when you remove all of the obstacles around them.

It’s important that you don’t put your air purifier behind any pieces of furniture because it won’t be able to draw all of the air in the room through the filter system.

Also, don’t put the air purifier below an object like a table because this is also a great way to limit the airflow.

You could also be tempted to put smaller units on a shelf or inside a closet, but you want to avoid this as it will cause the air purifier’s performance level to drop drastically.

No Pairing with Similar Devices

If you have multiple devices that humidify, filter, dehumidifies, or air conditions along with an air purifier, you want to decide which one you want to use at a time.

The air needs to flow for your air purifier to work correctly, and if it’s getting pushed or pulled from different directions, the air purifier won’t be able to capture or remove all of the airborne particles.

Also, consider not opening windows while your air purifier is running. Pollen, dust, and other outdoor pollution can stream in through the window into the room, and this makes the air purifier work much harder to clean all of the current and incoming air. Keep the windows closed until you switch the air purifier off.

Near a Doorway

You can think of your air purifier as a bodyguard if you put it by the doorway of a room. It can catch and trap all of your unwanted airborne particles at the entrance without allowing them to enter the room or your home.

If you have dogs, cats, or lots of people coming in and out of your home, you should consider putting it near the doorway.

Away from Electronics

Some lower-cost air purifiers are very sensitive to other electronics, and they won’t work right if you put them too close to your microwave, television, or any electronic device.

It’s also possible that the air purifier itself will send interference to other electronic equipment. A higher-quality air purifier won’t interfere with your electronics.

In the Bedroom

In the bedroom, you want to put your air purifier 6 to 10 feet away from the head of your bed because you don’t want air blowing directly into your face and irritating your sleep.

Some people have wind sensitivity, so they’d wake up in the morning with a headache if the air purifier blew directly on their face for hours on end. The intake should face toward the bed, so the air gets filtered first.

However, you do want to keep your air purifiers at a good distance from the bed because stronger air purifiers can create a strong airflow, and this can disturb your sleep too.

If you put it too far away, a weaker unit won’t be able to suck all of the air in to filter it around the bed.

Should You Put Your Air Purifier on a Raised Platform or on the Ground?

Most companies will recommend the best position for their specific air purifier. So, if the company suggests mounting the unit on the wall, you should do this to ensure it can perform to efficient levels.

You can put bigger air purifiers on the ground because they’re powerful enough to clean from the ground level up.

If you get a smaller air purifier, the best place to put it would be right by you on a table or a desk.

In a higher position, these smaller units will work much better because they don’t need to suck in air from below.

Since they’re smaller and more mobile, we recommend trying a few different positions until you find the one that is the most efficient.

Bottom Line

Where you place your air purifier will depend on the unit power, the size, and how large the room is.

Always double-check the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure your unit gets the best placement to run as efficiently as it possibly can.

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