Pool Dome

Pool Domes 101 – An Introduction

During the hot summer months, it’s hard to beat the elation you feel by having a pool and being able to go cool off whenever you want.

A pool will also boost your curb appeal and your home’s value. But do you want to add a permanent pool enclosure or a pool dome over your pool to protect it when you’re not using it?

A pool dome is a structure that encircles your swimming pool, and it’s a tubular structure that can be covered with plastic, glass, or fabric.

There is a rigid framework that encloses the swimming pool area, and it can help increase your privacy levels by closing off the pool from the rest of your yard. Additionally, a pool dome can make your home look more high-value.

If you’ve never heard of a pool dome before and you’re looking for an enclosure for your pool, you’re in luck. We’ll outline the different types of pool domes available, costs, benefits, and more below.

The goal is to give you a good idea of what this product can do for you while protecting your pool.

The Three Most Popular Types of Pool Domes or Enclosures

While there are arguably dozens of types of pool domes available depending on the operating mechanism and material you want, three stand out as the most popular choices. They are:

Flat Enclosures

This is arguably one of the most cost-effective pool dome ideas available, and they work just like traditional pool covers, but they have transparent plastic sheets or glass for the material.

Whenever you want to swim, you’ll retract this pool dome and get it out of the way before you get into the water.

They sit right on the edges of your swimming pool, so they have to be precisely measured and placed around the pool when you order them.

Low Profile Enclosures

This is another low pool dome that won’t take up a lot of vertical space, and they typically feature a design that holds them slightly above your pool.

They’re tall enough so that you can keep them in the pool and swim, but they’re not tall enough for you to stand up due to the shallow height.

Standing Enclosures

Choosing a standing pool dome allows you to transform your pool into a fun outdoor space for relaxing and entertaining.

This enclosure will encompass your pool and a decent amount of space around it, and they can use anything from plastic sheets to glass or even wood to build it.

The most eye-catching designs use glass for the material, and they leave plenty of space around the pool for you to walk, sit, and relax when you’re not swimming. However, they’re more permanent due to their weight.

Six Big Pool Dome Benefits

A pool dome is excellent for an outdoor pool, and they come with a large range of benefits attached to them.

This is why they’re so popular with pool owners, especially people who would rather have a temporary dome over a permanent one. We’re going to outline the biggest benefits below.

1. Lessens the Sunlight’s Effect

Most swimming pools are in open areas that get a huge amount of sunlight, and this exposes both your skin and the pool material to UV rays when you’re outside using it.

Installing a pool dome will ensure that your pool has some form of cover over it, and it can provide shade if you use a material in the design over plastic.

For glass domes, you can get a special coating on the panes to help block UV rays, and this can also help to lessen the tanning effect the sun puts out.

2. Pet and Children Friendly

Anyone who has pets or small children at home knows that the pool presents a risk, and a pool dome can be a huge help in easing your mind.

Pets and smaller kids are always very interested in getting as close to the water as possible, and it’s very easy for them to have an accident if the pool is wide open and you take your eyes off them for a few minutes. If you don’t catch them, it’s easy to have a tragedy.

Pool domes will help to create a barrier to keep your kids and pets out of the pool until you’re around to supervise them.

They make your whole swimming pool safer, and they could even help you comply with local or state regulations that state you need some type of barrier over or around your pool. Double-check and see what your area requires before you install anything.

3. Makes Your Backyard Look More Spacious

A swimming pool can act as an extension of your home, and it can easily make your home look roomier and broader to anyone who sees it.

Adding a pool dome to your swimming pool can turn this into an additional living space during the summer, and you can use it to entertain guests, have family bonding time, or hold pool parties.

It helps form a perfect area to sit back and relax, and this will look good if you ever want to sell the house.

4. Fewer Chemicals Needed in Your Pool

Did you know that when direct sunlight beats down on your pool that it can cause your chlorine to burn off faster, so you have to add more chemicals in to keep the levels correct?

These chemicals and testing kits can be expensive, and it can be time-consuming to constantly have to shock the pool and add chlorine, especially when you want to swim but have to wait a few hours.

A pool dome can help direct sunlight from hitting your pool constantly, and this can slow down the rate that you go through chlorine.

When this happens, you can spend less time and money keeping your chemical levels even, and you will have more time to enjoy your pool. Also, they can cut down on general cleaning duties by blocking debris and bugs.

5. Provides Protection and Privacy

A lot of people will notice that as soon as they add a pool to their yard, they have a lot of people stopping and staring it at, whether there’s anyone in it or not.

Installing a pool dome can increase your privacy levels while protecting the pool at the same time, especially if you use an opaque material.

It can also work to help secure your pool area when it’s not in use, so you don’t have to worry about anyone coming in and going for a swim while you’re not around.

6. Low Maintenance

You won’t have to work so hard to clean and maintain your pool if you have a pool dome over it during the spring and summer months.

It’ll block bugs, leaves, twigs, and other debris from falling into the water each day, so you won’t find yourself constantly fishing them out to keep your pool looking nice.

Cost for an Inflatable Pool Dome

On average, your inflatable pool dome will cost anywhere from $750 to $1,500 if you want to put one over an above-ground pool, and you’ll pay between $2,500 and $7,500 for a pool dome for an inground pool.

The vinyl or plastic pool domes get inflated with an air blower before you use deck anchors and water weights to hold them in place.

You have to deflate the pool dome and store it during the winter or before a heavy storm hits.

Permanent and Temporary Pool Domes

Most above-ground pool enclosures typically feature a portable design, and these include vinyl fabric tents with zippered doors or an inflatable plastic dome.

For the inground pool, these enclosures usually have a permanent design and feature glass or screen that is held up by an aluminum framework.

If you have a permanent enclosure installed around your pool, you’ll pay between $3,000 and $50,000 for an average price range. Surprisingly, due to the fact that it lasts longer and that it doesn’t move, this is a cost-effective option.

Bottom Line

A quality pool dome is a great way to protect your pool and shield you from the sun’s UV rays while you’re out swimming.

There are a few designs available, and you can choose from different materials. When you find the one that works best, you can use it to help enjoy your pool more all summer long.

The goal is to take your time, browse your options, and figure out which one meets your needs while staying within your set budget.

There is a pool dome for almost everyone, so pick one out and start reaping the benefits this season.

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