Is the Ninja Foodi worth it

Why the Ninja Food is Worth Buying

You need certain appliances in your kitchen to make the cooking process easier and to be efficient.

However, it may not be possible for you to own several appliances at once because you don’t have the space to store them, or you’d have to plug and unplug them when you needed a different one.

So, many people wonder if the Ninja Foodi is a worthy investment.

If you like to cook delicious meals in a very limited time, it is worth it to invest in Ninja Foodi.

This appliance is also nice to have if you have a bigger family or if you like to entertain large groups and you need the extra space to cook. It helps to remove the pans and be able to cook efficiently.

This is where this appliance comes in, and it’s perfect for cooking despite being a bigger size because it offers different compartments to serve different purposes.

If you’re wondering whether or not it’s a good idea to purchase this appliance, read on.

Ninja Foodi Capabilities

The Ninja Foodi works as an air fryer, pressure cooker, oven, slow cooker, dehydrator, roaster, and something that’ll saute and sear foods all at one time.

The pressure cooker feature on this appliance lets you cook these foods in a much shorter time frame than you’d use under normal conditions.

This appliance can trap steam inside the compartments and increase the pressure to ensure that your food cooks 70% of the time you’d normally use.

If you want to cook your food traditionally, you can have an option for this too. Another feature of this appliance is the ability to air fry because it gives you the option to cook and eat delicious fried food without worrying about oil.

While you will need some oil to use the Ninja Foodi, you need a fraction of what you’d normally use for frying to make it much healthier. You can set the timer and allow your food to air fry, so you don’t have to sit and monitor it working.

You’ll get the ability to prepare popcorn, make gravy, roast a whole ham or chicken, prepare yogurt, and cook rice all in one appliance.

The fact that this is such a versatile machine should give you a big hint as to why it’s so popular, and you can also bake cookies or cakes, steam vegetables, broil steak, and make beef jerky in the machine.

Ninja Foodi Advantages

The biggest advantage of this appliance is that it works well when it comes to handling different cooking processes.

This multi-functionality feature saves you both space in the kitchen and money because it wraps multiple appliances in one. They can do everything they can without a problem.

Also, if you wanted to go camping, it’s easier to take one appliance with you than to try and take a small oven, pressure cooker, stove, pot, and frying pan.

It can also reduce the amount of cleaning and mess you have after frying because there are far fewer grease stains to worry about cleaning.

Just imagine pressure cooking a whole ham or chicken and then being able to fry it later in the same appliance.

This convenience is a huge draw for people who cook regularly, and the finished food ends up well-done, crispy, and delicious while looking picture-perfect.

The appliance has a solid structure with a very well-thought-out design, and it offers a ceramic nonstick coating on it.

You’ll get a very stylish display that lets you see what is happening when your items cook. It’s also easy to use with a quick learning curve for anyone who wants to try it.

There is also a display that will show you the amount of time you have left on the countdown timer, and it’ll offer you helpful hints on how to shut the lid off as you use it.

You also get a cookbook with each Ninja Foodi purchase that shows you exactly how to cook a huge number of dishes.

Ninja Foodi Disadvantages

Even though there are dozens of good points to this appliance, it does have a few downsides.

The biggest downside is the appliance’s size because it weighs in at 25-pounds and measures 14.2-inches by 16.8-inches by 13.1-inches. However, considering everything it does, the size makes a great deal of sense.

The Ninja Foodi can take up a decent amount of counter space, so you might have to put it away every time you don’t want to use it. It only comes in one size at 6.5-quarts, and it’s well-suited to cook for two people.

So, a bigger family or group will have to cook in different batches to get enough food for everyone to enjoy it. Meanwhile, you can get an instant pot that can cook up to eight portions at a time.

There are also two lids for this appliance, with one working for pressure cooking and one for the air fryer.

The pressure cooker lid is detachable, while the air fryer one is permanent and has to hang open when you use the pressure cooker function. Cleaning the air fryer on this machine can be very tedious as well.

You’ll have to clean both the nonstick insert and the air fryer basket every time you use it, and there are a few spots that you can have trouble reaching easily.

There are also no preset times for the most common cooking processes on the Ninja Foodi, so you have to be very careful when you set a cooking time.

If you choose to use it a lot, you can easily pin down the different times required to cook your favorite dishes.

You should also note that there is a cook time template that comes with the appliance that you can check before you start cooking.

So, is the Ninja Foodi Worth the Price?

Having laid out everything that you can do with this appliance, it’s obvious that it’s worth buying. If you’re a person who likes to cook regularly, then this is one appliance you have to have.

It allows you to seamlessly pressure cook quicker than normal, slow cook, air fry to save cooking with a lot of oil, bake a cupcake or cookies, steam food items, and much more for $250.00. If you were trying to buy a single appliance for each function, it would be more expensive.

However, you do have to consider the number of people you want to cook for at one time. If you plan on cooking for more than two people at the same time, you will have to make more than one batch of food.

For example, you’d have a hard time cooking two full chickens at one time, so when you cook for a lot of people, you’d have to cook the same meal more than once.

It’s ideal for people who like to camp or if you’re staying in a studio apartment because you would either be alone or in a small group.

You just have to make sure you have the counter space or storage area for it when you don’t use it.

Bottom Line

The Ninja Foodi is an expensive appliance that can perform a huge range of cooking tasks.

However, the versatility can make up for the price, and it’s a great option for a single person or a couple to own to cut down the cooking time.

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