How to Unlock a Bedroom Door Without a Key

How to Unlock a Bedroom Door Without a Key – Seven Methods

No matter if you’re trying to get that mysterious closet door open or you walked out and locked your bedroom door with your keys inside, you have to know how to open a door without keys. This can be a frustrating process, but there are several ways you can safely unlock the door and get it or out of a room or your home.

How to Unlock a Bedroom Door Without a Key

  • Insert a thin credit card on certain lock styles
  • Use a small, thin screwdriver to pick the lock
  • Remove the hinges
  • Get a lock pick set
  • Kick the door in
  • Use a hammer to ruin the doorknob

Ideally, you’ll manage to get into the bedroom without destroying your door or the doorknob, but this may not always be possible. We’re going to go in-depth on each method so you can try them out by yourself and see which one works best for you.

Method One – Credit Card on a Spring-Style Lock

This method won’t work on a deadbolt, but it will work for a spring lock. A spring lock doorknob is one that’s slanted and has a lock as part of the handle. Any bendy, laminated card will work to get the lock open in a few minutes.

  • Force your card in the space between the frame and lock, and make sure it stays tight against the door’s frame. Bend the card backward to force the lock back into the door to open it.
  • If you have no space between the door frame and the lock, you can slide the credit card between the door frame and the door right above the lock before quickly swiping downward while angling your card toward the frame. This is where you may need a sturdier, thicker card.

Method Two – Small Screwdriver

Any door that has a privacy handle that locks by pressing a button on the door handle can work with this method. Inspect the doorknob to find a tiny hole and push an eyeglass screwdriver, a small butter knife, or a flattened paperclip into the hole. Push the screwdriver into the lock until it meets resistance before twisting and turning it until you feel a groove to pop the lock open.

Method Three – Lock Pick Set

This is more complicated, but you’ll start the process by inserting the short end of your Allen wrench into the bottom portion of your lock’s keyhole. Apply a small amount of pressure while turning the lock slightly in the same direction a key would turn it, and try to keep the pressure as even as you possibly can. Get a small paperclip with a curve on one end to help open your door by:

  • Scrubbing Method – Gently push the paperclip in at the keyhole’s lower end and lift it back and then upwards. Repeat this process working in a slightly circular pattern while slightly increasing the pressure on your Allen wrench until you feel a shift. When you feel it, keep your pressure steady and repeat this process until the lock clicks open.
  • Pin by Pin Method – If the scrubbing method doesn’t work for you, try to keep pressure on your Allen wrench and push the paperclip into the lock. When the paperclip hits the pin, you want to hook it and lift it upwards until you hear a click. Repeat this with all of the pins until the lock opens.

Method Four – Hinge Removal

Get a traditional flat-head screwdriver and wedge it between the pin and the bottom knuckle. Tap your screwdriver’s handle in a downward direction using a hammer. Remove the pin and head when you get it loose enough. Repeat this with every hinge on the door. If the pin gets stuck, you may want to try it with a Phillips screwdriver.

Method Five – Hammer Claw

A hammer claw can open the door while being less invasive, and you start the process by getting a sturdy piece of cardboard to put behind the hammer claw, so it doesn’t scratch your wall. Fit the hammer claw into the door where the latch is and pry the door open. This can damage the door or cause paint to peel or chip, and it can damage the door handle in the process. So, you may have to replace the lock when you finish.

Method Six – Hammer

Ideally, this will be one of your last resorts as you’ll destroy the lock and doorknob and have to replace them. All you have to do is get a hammer and hit hard downwards on the doorknob or lock until it snaps, hangs down, and the door opens. You could get around this by calling a locksmith and having them open it without damage.

Method Seven – Bobby Pins

Bobby pins can open the door as a lock pick set can, but it requires both patience, and you’ll need two bobby pins that you bend into a specific shape to accomplish it. The one bobby pin will mimic the look of the key, so you want to bend it near the fulcrum so that it turns out perpendicular to the two ends. This is the part that you stick into the bottom portion of the lock’s keyhole.

Bend your second bobby pin at the fulcrum to get a very straight, long piece, and curve one end to create a pick. This is the one that you’ll put into the top of the keyhole. You’ll push each pin out of the way so the lock can turn, and you’ll hear small clicks each time you get a pin set.

Unlocking a Bedroom Door Without a Key – Frequently Asked Questions

Although this seems like it would be a huge project to take on, it can be relatively easy once you get good at it. We’ve picked out a few simple questions for you to help you through the process.

1. What is a quick way to get into a locked room?

When you have a locked room, you should look for a small hole in the doorknob. Get a small screwdriver and carefully push it into this hole as far as you can. Start turning and twisting the screwdriver until it gets into the locking groove and turn it open. You should hear it clicking as you work.

2. Can you get lock pick sets online?

Yes, it’s possible to purchase quality lock pick sets online and have them shipped to your home. Most of them are durable metal that resists rust and corrosion, and you can get sets with handy carrying cases to keep everything organized until you need it.

Bottom Line

Locking yourself out of your bedroom or a bedroom in your home is never a fun scenario, but you can try several ways to get back into the room and get your door unlocked without using a key or causing any damage to your door. We’ve outlined them for you, and you can work your way through them to find the one that works best for you. If you get it right, you’ll have no problem getting back into your bedroom.

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