how long do traeger pellets last

Understand How Long Pellets Will Last

Pellet grills are getting more and more popular to cook with than traditional grills because they are quicker, don’t generate as much smoke, are easier to use, more versatile, and give you even temperature distribution.

But any experienced grill master knows that there’s more to consider when you go for this type of grill, including the overall usage.

You also have to consider whether or not it’s cost-effective when it comes to fuel since it can burn through pellets.

Taeger brand pellets will usually come in a 20-pound bag when you buy them. So, if you burn an average of two pounds every hour, your 20-pound bag will last roughly 10 hours for continuous cook time.

This works out to a cost of $2.00 an hour, so it’s not horribly expensive to make the switch.

But, there are other factors that come into play that will directly influence how long Traeger pellets last when you burn them, and we’re going to outline all of these items below.

In turn, you’ll get a good understanding of how cost-effective this option is for you.

The Average Cost of Traeger Pellets

If you’re trying to figure out how long a single bag of pellets will last you, it’s most likely due to the fact that you need to know how much you’ll spend on pellets and how often you’ll have to buy them, depending on your grilling schedule.

The Traeger brand of pellets generally comes in a 20-pound bag, and it’ll cost right around $19.00 if you buy it at your local big-box store.

You can also look at other brands of pellets that are mainly sold online that will work with this type of grill. These pellets generally have a lower cost per pound.

How Many Traeger Pellets You’ll Burn Each Hour

Now that you know how much you’ll pay for a 20-pound bag of pellets, let’s find out how long a single bag will last you.

For this post, we’re going to assume that you’ll burn a pound of pellets per hour for slow and low smoking and three pounds of pellets every hour for direct and fast cooking.

So, if you get an average of right around two pounds of pellets per hour, your 20-pound bag will last roughly 10 hours. This turns into a cost of $2.00 an hour to run it if you’re going to buy Traeger pellets.

If you compare this to the cost of a big bag of charcoal or liquid propane, you’ll quickly realize how expensive buying pellets can get.

However, they do offer a much more convenient way to cook with smoke and temperature control technology.

Can Traeger Pellets Stay in the Hopper?

Many people ask if they can leave these pellets in the hopper and how long they can stay in there before they go bad.

It would be extremely convenient to leave a big amount of your pellets right in the grill’s hopper, so they’re ready when you feel like grilling, but this isn’t good practice.

This is because exposing the pellets to snow, rain, fluctuating temperatures, and humidity will cause them to soften and not burn nearly as well.

If you leave them sitting in the hopper long enough, they can even mold, rot, clog your auger, and make a huge mess the next time you break out the grill.

Instead, you should store your pellets in a very dry environment at room temperature, like in a five-gallon bucket with a sealable lid. Doing this will help maximize the life of your pellets because they don’t get constant moisture exposure.

It’s best that you always empty out the hopper after you use any type of pellet grill, and this includes Traegers.

If you don’t, any pellets that you leave behind can rot or mold and clog up the auger. You should also get in the habit of burning off any leftover pellets in the auger after you empty the hopper.

How Long Traeger Pellets Last When You Store Them

If you store your pellets correctly in a sealed bucket inside at room temperature, the pellets should easily last several months.

If you smoke food a lot, you’ll most likely use them long before they go bad, and this brings up another important point about storage for your pellets.

Even if you decide to store your pellets inside, the air has a lot more moisture than you realize, and it can easily seep into the storage compartment and ruin your pellets.

This is even more true if you have wetter and hotter summer months where you may be opening and closing your storage compartment more often. This is why you shouldn’t expect an opened bag to last more than a few months before going bad.

Factors That Help Determine How Long the Traeger Pellets Last

The consumption rate depends on the quality and brand. But, there are also other important factors to keep in mind, and you should know that the pellets will only burn if they are intact.

When the moisture content goes down, they get loose and dry, and this makes them useless.

Humidity Levels

If your environmental humidity dips low, then you can expect your pellets to last longer. If the humidity level is 10% or lower, your pellets will last up to six months.

As soon as the humidity level goes above 10%, it compromises the pellet’s longevity, and they’ll only last for one to three months.


The way you choose to store your pellets will also impact how long they last, and just because they need a little moisture to work doesn’t mean they have to be wet.

Avoid storing your pellets in wetter conditions when they can become damp, and you should ideally store them under the following conditions to keep them ready to burn:

  • Far from anything flammable
  • Well-ventilated and dry area
  • Under a fastened tarp to protect them from birds or punctures

Can You Put Heating Pellets in Your Pellet Grill?

You know that some companies make specific products and say just about anything to sell them.

This is what companies are doing when they advise their customers that they can use heating pellets, and they’ll work just as well as conventional pellets.

This isn’t necessarily true, and heating pellets will only act to rule the food’s flavor. Instead, you want to stick to food-grade pellets each time you fire up your pellet grill.

Why Choose Traeger Pellets

Certain pellet brands are better than others and doing a quick search will show you that specific pellets like those made by Traeger are some of the most popular choices available.

People like them because they’re made to be all-natural, they present flare-ups when they cook to ensure your food is perfect, and they give you excellent-tasting food.

However, these pellets are not one of the ones that will last the longest when you grill. This is due to the fact that these pellets have flavored oils in them with a slightly fluffier, looser, and shorter design.

All of these factors will make your pellets burn slightly faster, so you may end up using more for longer cooking sessions.

Bottom Line

A 20-pound bag of Traeger pellets will last roughly 20 hours for continuous cooking time, and they cost around $2.00 a pound.

So, we believe that they’re a solid choice if you’re looking for a well-known brand of pellets to use in your pellet grill.

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