Frappe vs. Frappuccino

Frappe vs. Frappuccino – What’s the Difference?

There are several different types of coffee beverages that you can get, and trying to figure out what sets them apart can be a big challenge.

You’ve most likely heard of a frappe and a frappuccino, but you may not know what they are or what sets them apart. They sound similar, but they are actually very different drinks that come in different flavors.

The difference between a frappuccino and a frappe is that Starbucks owns the trademark to the Frappuccino, so they’re the only entity that is allowed to offer them for sale. When you talk about a frappe, you’re usually referring to a blended iced coffee beverage that is foamy.

Depending on how your Frappuccino or frappe gets made, you can find several differences between them. They can also have a huge taste variation between them, depending on the flavor you pick out when you order it or try to make it yourself.

The Main Differences Between a Frappuccino and a Frappe

We’re going to compare these two drinks below and highlight their differences to give you a very good understanding of each individual drink.


When you talk about a frappe, you’re usually talking about a blended, chilled drink that doesn’t necessarily have to be made using coffee as a base, but it usually does.

The way your drink tastes will depend heavily on how you make it. If you choose to use coffee as the base for the drink with milkshake powder and milk, you’re going to get a cold and sweet flavor profile. This is how it’s generally made.

Frappes are very common at Mcdonald’s, and they offer a larger range of flavors that you can try.

One of the more popular items is the Mocha Frappe, and they make it using coffee and chocolate syrup that they blend with ice before topping it off with whipped cream.

Considerations to Keep in Mind When You Make a Frappe

If you’re going to try and make this drink on your own, there are a few things to keep in mind.

If you’re trying to get a more sweet and creamy taste to the drink, you’ll need less coffee with more milk, but if you want to get a more robust coffee taste, you’ll use more coffee and less milk. The coffee type will also factor into the final taste.

If you use single-origin coffee beans to make this drink, there is a very good chance that it’ll have more sour notes in it.

However, if you pick out coffee beans that feature a bean blend from a range of different sources, you’ll get a more balanced flavor profile.

The type of roast on your beans will also play into the taste, and a light roast will cause your drink to be sourer, while a dark roast will give it a much more bitter taste.

You could also choose to use espresso to make your drink instead of brewed coffee, and this is another way to get a stronger coffee note in the finished product.

Popular Frappe Questions

There are several common questions that a lot of people ask about the frappe when they’re trying to learn the difference between the two drinks, including:

Can you use a blender to make frappes?

Yes, you’ll typically make your frappe in a blender. You’ll need to blend a host of cold items together like ice, ice cream, or milkshake ingredients to make it.

Does this drink have milk in it?

This drink usually has dairy or milk in the recipe. This is due to the fact that milkshakes or milk are common components that you blend to get the finished product.

How to Make Your Own Frappe

You can make this drink at home if you have:

  • 7-ounces of strong coffee – not instant
  • 2.5-ounces of milk
  • Handful of ice
  • Whipped cream
  • 1 tablespoon of flavored syrup (optional)

Once you get all of your ingredients, all you have to do is combine the milk, coffee, ice, and flavored syrup in the blender if you want to flavor it.

Blend it until the mixture is frothy before pouring into a serving glass and topping it off with whipped cream. You can pour extra syrup over the whipped cream before you enjoy it.


This drink typically involves taking a cappuccino and mixing it with a milkshake. A cappuccino is a mixture of espresso and steamed and foamed milk.

However, Starbucks now has a trademark on the name, so a Frappuccino is exactly like a milkshake with other flavors mixed in.

This drink typically includes coffee, but there are a number of choices that don’t have coffee in them, so you have variety.

There are several different flavors that you can get, and vanilla and mocha are two of the most popular ones available. The vanilla flavor is more milk, while the mocha flavor has a chocolate base to it.

Popular Frappuccino Questions

Since this is a trademarked drink; there are only two really big questions that come up again and again with this drink.

Is this drink served hot?

No, this drink typically gets served cold because they use a blend of milkshake and things like ice or coffee in their makeup. They have a sweet taste, but they are cold, but you can consider a cappuccino if you want something similar but hot.

Are Frappuccinos sweet?

Yes, this drink is typically sweet because it has sweeteners and uses a milkshake as the base. It works well with whipped cream on the top, and you can get a stronger coffee flavor by adding an extra spoon of coffee grounds when you make it.

How to Make Your Own Frappuccino

Since Starbucks trademarked the Frappuccino, there isn’t a complete recipe available to prepare it.

However, you can get close to the original taste in the comfort of your own home using the following step-by-step procedure. You’ll need a few items to make it, including:

  • Strong coffee concentrate
  • Milk
  • Flavoring
  • Sweetener of your choice
  • Ice

Put a very strong coffee concentrate in a jar and put it in your refrigerator to get cold.

You want to use concentrated coffee that you can’t drink like you would normal coffee, and the amount you use depends on how strong you want the coffee flavor to be. Pour your concentrate into your blender and add a small amount of milk.

If you choose to use non-fat milk, you also want to add some cream. Make sure you don’t add a lot of cream or milk to the mixture, so your drink keeps the coffee taste.

Add the flavor of your choice next before you sweeten your drink using normal sugar, sweetened condensed milk, syrup, or normal sugar.

Once you get the flavor you like, add a handful of ice cubes into your blender and switch it on to blend it.

You want to add enough ice cubes until they reach the top of the blender, and you should blend them until they break down enough to make the drink smooth. You’re now ready to serve it however you like.

Bottom Line

Now you know the difference between a Frappe and a Frappuccino, and you can make both of them in your home to see which one you like better.

Since Starbucks owns the trademark for the Frappuccino, it’ll be a little trial and error until you perfect your recipe and create a coffee drink you love.

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