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Why All Coffee Makers Don’t Have an Automatic Shutoff Feature

If you’ve ever wondered if all coffee makers come with an automatic shutoff feature, you most likely left the coffee machine on once or twice when you left the house.

There could be several reasons why this could happen, including the fact that you just had too much on your mind or you were late and in a rush to get out the door and to your job.

After all, everyone makes mistakes and forgets to switch the coffee machine off once or twice in their life.

Unfortunately, not all coffee makers come with an automatic shutoff feature on them, especially if you have an older model that you’re not ready to upgrade.

Most companies include an automatic shutoff today, but this won’t help you unless you’re ready to go out and buy a new one.

If you’re curious about what this feature is, whether or not your machine has it, what you should do if your coffee maker doesn’t have an automatic shutoff feature, and more below.

Defining an Automatic Shutoff Feature

When you think about an automatic shutoff on your coffee maker, you can think of it as a built-in safety feature that the companies designed to enhance their customers’ wellbeing.

This feature works in a way that if you ever accidentally forgot to switch your machine off before you left, the coffee machine will switch off by itself after a certain period of inactivity.

This way, you can protect your coffee machine from burning out, scorching the carafe, burning coffee to the bottom, and reduce your overall electricity bills.

You can set your automatic shutoff for a specific coffee maker in one of two ways. In most instances, the manufacturer of the machine will determine when it goes off.

The average shutoff duration due to inactivity varies from company to company, but most of them have it between two and four hours.

However, you can also manually adjust this time if you think two to four hours is far too long for it to stay on if you forget to manually switch it off before you leave the house.

Does Every Coffee Maker Have an Automatic Shutoff Feature?

If you have a modern coffee maker that has all of the latest gadgets and features, you’re almost guaranteed to have this feature on it.

So, not many modern machines come without this safety feature included in the design. However, you can find several models that leave it out of the design.

If you’re someone who is still using a traditional coffee maker, the odds aren’t in your favor.

Simply put, it’s almost impossible to find this safety feature in most older coffee machines, so you have to be very careful to ensure you don’t accidentally leave it on.

This is because most manufacturers only started to include this feature consistently in the past few years, so older models missed out on it.

What Happens if Your Coffee Maker Doesn’t Have This Feature?

Ideally, you should spring for a new coffee machine that comes with an automatic shutoff built right into the design.

This is an essential safety feature that could help both you and your appliance in several different ways.

However, if buying a new coffee machine isn’t in your budget right now, there are a couple of simple solutions that you could try to help solve this issue.

The first thing you can do is enlist the help of a very loud timer, and it’ll help remind you that you have to switch off the coffee machine after a set amount of time.

If you want a more old-school option, you could write up a checklist where you have the most important tasks that you should complete before you leave the kitchen.

Put the list on your kitchen door so you see it before you leave, and it reminds you to switch off your coffee maker and other appliances before you leave.

The Consequences of Leaving Your Coffee Maker on All Day

There are a few things that could happen if you forget to turn your coffee maker on and it doesn’t have an automatic shutoff feature on it.

However, the following items can also happen if your automatic shutoff feature were to fail for any reason or if you set the timer too far out.

Burn Your Coffee

How quickly your coffee burns depends on how much you have left in the carafe. If there was a smaller amount in the machine and you left without turning it off, you most likely will come back to burned coffee that congeals to the bottom of the carafe.

If you have at least half of a pot left before you leave, it may not be totally burnt by the time you get back.

Damage to Your Coffee Machine

If you left very little or no coffee inside the carafe and left it running by mistake, you can end up with a burnt surface on the bottom of your coffee machine.

This could leave you no choice but to buy a new coffee machine if you leave it running for hours with no coffee in it.

Electricity Bills Increase

If you regularly leave your coffee machine running for hours, it can cause a small increase in your electricity bills.

How much it adds depends on how powerful your machine is, how long you leave it on for, and how many resources it uses as it runs.

Fire Hazards

You could consider this one of the most common problems at this time, but it can easily happen if you keep paper products close to your coffee machine and leave them on like paper towels or napkins.

The biggest trigger for fire when you leave the machine running comes in if there is an electrical cord in contact with the machine as it heats up.

How You Can Tell if Your Potential Machine Has This Feature

If you’re going to purchase a new coffee machine, you want it to have this feature built into the design.

Usually, the manufacturer will list it right on the box under the specifications since it’s such an important one to have.

You can also look at the website and see which machines come with this feature and which ones don’t have it.

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to get a coffee machine with an automatic shutoff feature as it’s standard in everything from low to high-range items.

Just make sure that you understand how to use it on your particular coffee machine, and look and see if you can set the time manually or if it comes set to two or four hours.

Bottom Line

While not every coffee machine has an automatic shutoff feature, most newer models do have it included in their specifications due to how important it is.

You can choose from manual or automatic shutoff times, and most manufacturers offer both options on most of their newer machines.

It could be worth it to invest in a new coffee maker if you have an older one that doesn’t offer this safety feature due to the higher risks that come with forgetting to switch it off, and it runs all day.

Also, it can give you peace of mind, so it’s a good investment for your home.

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