Hot Tub

do you need permit for hot tub

How to Figure Out if You Need a Permit for a Hot Tub

If you’re considering installing a hot tub on your property, or you’ve already ordered, and you are waiting for it to get to you, the last thing on your mind is permits. However, it’s essential that you consider your hot tub permit situation before you get it. Doing so will […]

How long can a hot tub stay empty

How Long You Can Safely Let a Hot Tub Sit Empty

When you first get your hot tub, you might think that you’ll never leave it empty for any reason. However, there are some reasons why you could want to drain the hot tub for a period of time, and it could leave you wondering if it’s safe to leave your […]

How Long Should You Stay in a Hot Tub

How Long You Can Safely Soak in Your Hot Tub

There’s nothing like coming home after a long, hard day and getting to soak in a hot tub in your home or backyard, but there’s a fine line between soaking just the right amount of time and staying in too long. Since you’re submerging yourself, usually up to your neck, […]