can you heat up cold brew coffee

How to Correctly Heat Up a Cold Brew Coffee

Many people love cold brew coffee because it has a very low acid content, but it has a very strong flavor profile to it. But maybe you want to try heating up your cold brew coffee to see if it’s just as good hot as it is cold. The question […]

what coffee maker does starbucks use

The High-Quality Coffee Machines that Starbucks Uses

Starbucks is an insanely popular coffee chain all over the world, and they churn out millions of drinks every day. This means that their coffee machines have to work insanely hard, but what coffee makers can really keep up with the demand each store has? Starbucks invests in extremely high-quality […]

how many ounces does ak cup make

A K-Cup Makes How Many Ounces of Coffee?

If you love coffee, you know that the real magic comes from the coffee beans, and many people like to use the popular K-Cup coffee pods to get their caffeine fix in the morning. However, you may wonder how much coffee you get when you use this K-Cup over a […]