Nine Ways to Remove Heat Stains From Wood

How to Remove Heat Stains From Wood

A white heat stain can easily ruin the look of your wooden desk or table. While covering up the stain is a potential solution you could try, it would be better to remove it. This way, you can restore your wooden piece of furniture to its original look and forget the white heat stain that … Read more

Several Ways How to Effectively Get Ink Out of Carpet

How to Get Ink Out of Carpet

Keeping your home’s carpets clean is no easy task because everything from food to dirt to ink can stain the carpet in your bedroom, living room, and hallways. Removing an ink stain isn’t an easy process because of the ink’s chemical properties, but you can make the stain vanish before your eyes with a little … Read more

Several Ways How to Get Marker Off Wood

How to Get Marker Off Wood

We’ve all had the moment when you’ve discovered your permanent marker is bleeding through the paper and all over the desk, or you could find that your toddler decided to turn your hardwood floor into a canvas. While it’s possible that ink can severely damage some surfaces, you can remove it from most wooden surfaces … Read more

7 Ways to Rid Your Garage of Spiders


Your garage most likely is home to some creepy crawlies with a random cobweb lurking in the corner because garages are very attractive to spiders since they’re cluttered, dark and give them a warm home in the winter and a cool space in the summer. Spiders don’t usually pose much of a threat to humans, … Read more

6 Tips to Unclog a Bathtub Drain Full of Hair

how to unclog bathtub drain full of hair

We’ve all tried to take a bath or shower only to find out that the drain has a stubborn clog, and this is extremely frustrating. Out of every drain in your home, the bathtub drain is arguably the one that gets the most use because soap, hair, shampoo, and shower gel regularly flow through it. … Read more

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