how to convert a pressure washer into a sewer jetter

8 Steps to Convert a Pressure Washer into a Sewer Jetter

Water jetter, sewer jetter, or hydro jetter; it doesn’t matter what you want to call it as long as it finishes the job of clearing out the blockage for you. Calling a professional may seem like an obvious choice, but you can save yourself hundreds of dollars by performing preventive, […]

How to Remove Heat Stains From Wood

9 Ways to Remove Heat Stains From Wood

A white heat stain can easily ruin the look of your wooden desk or table. While covering up the stain is a potential solution you could try, it would be better to remove it. This way, you can restore your wooden piece of furniture to its original look, and you […]

how to keep spiders out of garage

7 Ways to Rid Your Garage of Spiders

Your garage most likely is home to some creepy crawlies with a random cobweb lurking in the corner because garages are very attractive to spiders since they’re cluttered, dark and give them a warm home in the winter and a cool space in the summer. Spiders don’t usually pose much […]