Pool Dome

Pool Domes 101 – An Introduction

During the hot summer months, it’s hard to beat the elation you feel by having a pool and being able to go cool off whenever you want. A pool will also boost your curb appeal and your home’s value. But do you want to add a permanent pool enclosure or […]

do you need permit for hot tub

How to Figure Out if You Need a Permit for a Hot Tub

If you’re considering installing a hot tub on your property, or you’ve already ordered, and you are waiting for it to get to you, the last thing on your mind is permits. However, it’s essential that you consider your hot tub permit situation before you get it. Doing so will […]

Simply put, the legality of having a shipping container in your yard will vary from state to state, and you also have to consider any local regulations or rules surrounding it for your municipality.

How to Legally Have a Shipping Container in Your Backyard

Shipping containers are sturdy enough to make excellent structural additions to any home, and they’re great for a broad range of projects. However, it’s not legal everywhere to have this structure in your yard, and you may have to jump through a lot of hoops to get everything ready before […]

how to reduce traffic noise in my backyard

7 Ways to Reduce Traffic Noise in Your Backyard

Excessive and constant noise levels can be very irritating and unpleasant, especially if you’re hearing them right in your backyard. Whether it’s construction, traffic noises, or neighborhood kids playing, noises can drift into your home and yard, and it can send you scrambling to find a way to block the […]